Compounding Pharmacist Nicholas Bova Provides Support to Animals and Their Owners

Having access to the right type of medication can be the difference between life and death. In many more cases, the availability of an appropriate kind and form of medication can make life much more enjoyable and pleasant.

This is just as much true for various types of animals as for people. When Nicholas Bova founded a new company to provide pharmaceutical compounding services for animals, he quickly discovered that there was a great deal of demand.

A Wide Range of Animals and Their Owners Benefit from Veterinary Compounding

Veterinarians have recognized for many years that compounding services can make their important work much easier. Some of the clients who regularly ask veterinarians to care for animals which then benefit from veterinary compounding include:

  • Zoos. Many zoos house and care for animals that range in size by orders of magnitude. A towering elephant could weigh thousands of times more than a tiny mouse kept only a few exhibits away, and both creatures might end up needing the same type of medication. A compounding pharmacist acting by request of a zoo’s own veterinarians could process that medicine such that appropriate doses can be given to both animals.
  • Ranchers. Many ranchers maintain herds of hundreds of animals, with livestock of all ages often being represented. Should a mother and her calf come down with the same infection, it might be appropriate to administer a similar medication to each. Turning to a compounding pharmacy for help can make a successful pair of treatments much more likely.
  • Pet owners. People who own dogs or cats often care about their pets almost as much as they do their human loved ones. When a family pet falls sick, restoring it to health can easily become the top priority of every member. A compounding pharmacist will often be able to help in a number of possible ways, thereby ensuring that a beloved pet can recover.

Medication That Provides What Particular Animals Most Need

Services like these regularly turn out to be important in many significant ways. From exotic creatures kept in zoos to livestock and family pets, animals often benefit from compounding services that transform medications into forms more suitable to their needs.